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S3 E7 Josephine Baran – Building Tomorrows Leaders

Josephine Baran is a multisport athlete, a professional in the outdoor industry, and the director of the Outward Bound Canada Training Academy. We had the opportunity to sit down with Josephine to discuss her career, the barriers to the outdoors both, recreationally and as a career path, the increase in eco-anxiety, and how the Training…

S3 E6 Connor Ryan – Obligations not Activism

Connor Ryan is a professional skier, ultra runner, and film director actively working to decolonize the outdoors. We had the opportunity to sit down with Connor for the second time to discuss the huge response to Spirit of the Peaks, Indigenous running traditions, renaming Mount Evans, the importance of placenames and language, and how it’s…

S3 E5 Coree Woltering – Getting out into the Real World

Coree Woltering is a professional runner of all distances on all surfaces. We had the opportunity to sit down with Coree to discuss his career progression, growing up in the industry, creating space for the next generation, and how getting out into the real world can restore your faith in humanity. This show is available…

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