S3 E11 Lydia Jennings – Building Relationship with Place

Dr. Lydia Jennings is a soil scientist, science communicator, educator, and long-distance runner. We had the opportunity to sit down with Lydia to discuss her work, environmental policy impacts, Indigenous data sovereignty, the cultural history of spaces, running to decode land, 50 Miles for 50 Indigenous Scientists, disrupting deficit narratives, celebrating #LandBack at the Boston Marathon, and building relationship with place.

This show is available everywhere you get podcasts May 26, 2023.

Special Note: At 30.22.50 Lydia remarks that Indigenous communities in the desert have been protected by the desert from colonization. In later discussions she wanted to clarify that she meant protected from the earlier waves of colonization. Obviously, her and other desert communities and Nations have also been impacted, but not in the same way East coast tribes have. We believed this was clear from the context of the conversation but we’re academics, so we appreciate specificity.





S3 E11 Lydia Jennings – Building Relationship with Place – Descript

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