S2 E5 Chris Chan – Building Bike Friendly Cities.

I’ve gotten to link up with a lot of heroes with this show, but Chris Chan is one of my hometown hero’s so this was pretty special. Chris is a dedicated urbanist, multi modal transportation advocate, urban canoeist, and the former executive director of Bike Edmonton, which is a nonprofit advocacy, education, and outreach organization that promotes and works to increase accessibility for cycling. This includes running the oldest community run and volunteer led bike workshop in North America. We had a chance to sit down with Chris to discuss how bikes are the great equalizer and how we all win when folk choose them, how safe infrastructure increases cycling diversity, how cycling doesn’t stop when the weather turns cool, and how to build bike friendly cities.

This show is available everywhere you get podcasts June 10, 2022




S2 E5 Chris Chan – Building Bike Friendly Cities – Descript

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